Chicago Med - Elizabeth Kline - NBC (dir. Eriq LaSalle)

Chicago Med - Elizabeth Kline - NBC (dir. Stephen Cragg)

Operator - Doctor - Welltrix Productions (dir. Logan Kibens)

The Family - Saleman’s wife - EuropaCorp (dir. Luc Besson)

Recessive- Norah- Logan Kibens Media (dir. Logan Kibens)

Dangereuses retrouvailles - Sonia- Mazel/France 3 (dir. J. Debuscshere)

Si près de chez vous - Emilie- France 3 (dir. J. Debuscshere)



[Available upon request]



Betrayal - Emma - Raven Theatre (dir. Lauren Shouse)

The Distance - Bea - Haven Theatre (dir. Elly Green)

A Loss of Roses - Helen Baird- Raven Theatre (dir. Cody Estle)

The Cryptogram - Donny - Profiles Theatre (dir. Joe Jarhaus)

In the Garden (U/S)+ - Emma - Lookingglass Theatre (dir. Jessica Thebus)

The Language Archive - Mary - Piven Theatre Workshop (dir. Polly Noonan)

The Crownless King (U/S)+ - Lady Olympia - The House Theatre of Chicago (dir. Nate Allen)

Nuit 44 - Lou- Théâtre des Mathurins, Paris (dir. Laura Mokaeish)

Old Times - Kate - Strawdog Theatre Company (dir. Kimberly Senior)

The Sparrow - Ensemble - The House Theatre of Chicago (dir. Nate Allen)

Gisèle - Gisèle - Groupe Théâtre de l'opprimé
Three Sisters - Irina - Theatre on the Lake (dir. Kimberly Senior)

‘night, mother - Jessie - 20% Theatre Company Chicago (dir. S.Ostman)

Three Sisters - Irina - Strawdog Theatre Company (dir. Kimberly Senior)

Un Robot - Woman - Collaboraction (dir. Jeremy Wechsler)

Puntila and his man Matti - Ensemble - Strawdog Theatre Company (dir. Nate Allen)

David’s Redhaired Death - Jean - 20% Theatre Company Chicago (dir. E.Schwan)

+ Performed



The Balloon by Carolyn Defrin. London, 2014

The Zen Project, by Chloe Johnston, Chicago, 2014

The Memory Tour, by Julienne Ehr, Chicago, 2015

Missing by Carolyn Defrin, Chicago, 2016



Harpsichord for The Boy Detective Fails, The House Theatre

Back-up vocal: albums ‘Organized Heartbreak’ by Richard Lewis, ‘En liberté’ by Leyak,

First Impressions,’ Steven Hackman.


TRAINING - B.A in Theatre from Smith College. Film Acting - Kim Massee (Artworx Films) &

Pier-Paolo Blanco (Studio In’Extprod). Set-Ups -Mary Ann Thebus. TV/Film Audition Workshop - Shelby Cherniet and Becca McCracken.

SPECIAL SKILLS - Perfectly fluent in French. Some Spanish. Standard British. Singing (folk, pop), ukulele, piano.